Pencil Skirts for Winter

Why do pencil skirts have to be spring or summer only? This slimming look is great as the weather turns colder. Go for a longer skirt paired with a long sleeve top. Advertisements

Green Leather Jacket

  So this is pretty much a do across all seasons. Plus I just love it! 🙂

Sweater Dress

  As winter is here, I’m in love with sweater dresses. They are cute & sexy. Plus if it is too cold outside, add a pair of leggings or tights and the look… Continue reading

CAUTION: Over-sized Sweaters

  So I obviously love sweaters, but just be careful. Not all over-sized sweater looks look good on us curvy women. The issue is it gets rid of all definition of a waist… Continue reading

Leather Jacket and Scarf

  Leather jackets are flattering and in-style all year round. I love this outfit because you can wear a longer, baggier shirt & style it up with a leather jacket and scarf.

Holiday Dress

  When shopping for that holiday dress, keep in mind a few things: 1) It isn’t summer anymore 2) Bright colors aren’t “OUT” just because it is winter doesn’t mean you need to… Continue reading

Button Down Sweater

  So I’m obsessed with buttons down the back of a sweater. I think they are super cute for winter & allow the front room to wear scarfs without hiding any sexy or… Continue reading

Winter Is Here

Hi Everyone – First, I’d like to apologize for being absent the last couple months. My life got crazy busy with work and dogs, and of course something had to be put on… Continue reading

Casual and Sexy

Now days I have been in love with this casual but very sexy style. The only thing for us curvy girls is to make sure to wear a belt so the waist is… Continue reading

Animal Prints

Animal prints are sexy, but to make sure they don’t overwhelm us, pair them with a plain and solid color top. Also, if you are going for those pencil skirts, be careful of… Continue reading